Let us sell your wine

We will market your wine by phone to your customers — at NO RISK to you.

Bay Area Wine Solutions has years of experience and a proven track record successfully selling wine over the phone to customers & wine club members for a fraction of in-house marketing costs.


Use us for:

  • Selling inventory
  • Introducing new products and promotions
  • Building and maintaining rapport with your
    customer base
  • Social media campaigns

Increased revenue


Well-trained and focused sales force

We are dedicated to your success. You pay only for the results we get.


State-of-the-art CRM software

(Customer Relationship Management)

Instant order updates after our approval of the sale.


Flexibility to scale

We’re there for you when you need us and gone when you don’t. We can handle rapidly changing sales needs and can quickly scale or downsize to keep your costs down. We can quickly and easily mobilize an experienced sales team for your project.


Proven track record

Over the years we’ve practiced the art of direct-to-consumer sales testing many methods until we found our winning formula. Our sales process has been honed and developed based on thousands of customer interactions, and our clients reap the benefits.